The Unarmigerous Author Pauses
To Blazon His Escutcheon
Fieri quam
Will de Kypia, né Mooney

Argent, a holly tree eradicated vert, thereon
a lizard passant or, a border compony
counter-compony of the first and second.


No, not mine, a borrowed beginning.

Silver is good.

The tree is certainly an American holly.
Eradicated yet still
vert, it looks ready
to planted sometime soon. Like me.

The other charges are ordinary.

A lizard passant or.
Gold is also good. Though I would prefer
the beast to be bolder, a wyvern at least.
passant suggests little panache.

Why not an actual dragon? One of the fierce
fire-breathing sort,
guardant, even rampant.

A border compony counter-compony.
Appropriate for a checkered life.
The dark and the light alternate
but they do not commingle.

Of the first and second.
I am the third, son of the second,
he the son of the first. Our lives
connect to the lives of forbears.
I will use those tinctures.

Little more to consider.
Neither wife nor cadency now,
unmarshalled and undifferenced.
No crest, no helm, no supporters.

I am truly as eradicated as that holly.

Perhaps I should append a motto,
some reminder of the wingèd chariot.
Carpe Diem? Tempus Fugit?

Too bourgeois for a newly armigerous boho.
Also declined is any abatement of honour.

But I will grant me an augmentation. A quill pen
with a drop of ink, placed upon the nombril point.

A partial achievement. A work in progress.
Which provides the motto, actually a credo:

___________Fieri Quam Esse
_____It is better to become than to be.

Arms of pretension some might assert.
No matter, they are my achievement.

And since tempus still fugits
I must take up that quill pen.
Write on, right now.
My other credo.

Argent, an American holly tree eradicated vert,
thereon a dragon rampant or, a border compony
counter-compony of the first and second.

As an augmentation, on the nombril point
an inescutcheon azure charged with a quill pen
gules from which depends a goutte sable.

The armourer Hephaestus will forge the escutcheon.

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