The Unarmigerous Author Pauses
To Blazon His Escutcheon

William de Kypia

Fieri quam

Argent, a holly tree eradicated vert, thereon
a lizard passant Or, a border compony
counter-compony of the first and second.

The tree is most certainly an American holly.

My other charges are ordinary.
A lizard passant
. That Or is fine but I would prefer a dragon,
even a wyvern. And
passant does not suggest
a beast with much spirit. He should be
guardant at the very least.

Still, our reptile is young, perhaps destined or doomed
to mature into an actual dragon of the fire-breathing sort.

A border compony counter-compony is appropriate
for a checkered life, dark and light alternating,
balancing yet in no way canceling each other out.

Of the first and second. I am the third, son of the second,
he the son of the first. A warning that our lives are more
circumscribed by our forbears than we can comprehend.

Not much more to consider.

Unmarshalled and undifferenced, neither wife nor
cadency now. No crest, no helm, no supporters.
I am as eradicated as that holly tree.

So I would have a motto to guide me through
those difficult times that beset us all, always.

Maybe Ol’ Davy’s
Be Sure You’re Right, Then
Go Ahead
? Some reminder of the ever-pursuing
wingèd chariot,
Tempus Fugit, Carpe Diem?

Perhaps words are unnecessary. Also declined
is any abatement of honor. But there should be
an augmentation--a quill with a drop of ink.

A mere partial achievement, very much a work
in progress. And there it is, my motto and goal.
Fieri Quam Esse: Not to be but to become.

Argent, an American holly tree eradicated vert,
thereon a wyvern guardant Or, a border compony
counter-compony of the first and second.

As an augmentation, on the honor point
an inescutcheon azure charged with a feather
gules from which depends a goutte sable.

Arms of pretension some might declare but
I proudly claim them as mine. And since tempus
still fugits, I must take up my quill again.