Tiger, we hardly knew ye by Will de Kypia

                           Tyger Tyger, burning bright,

                            on the fairways of the night.

                                   Roger the Beekeeper

                            Say it ain't so,Tiger,

                            please tell us it ain't so,

                            that it’s all a pack of lies

                            from those paparazzi spies.

                            You don't know those ladies,

                            wouldn't touch 'em if you did.

                            The only things you care about

                            are golf, your wife, and the kids.

                            Perhaps potent pharmaceuticals

                            were coursing through your brain,

                            those meds you had to take to ease

                            the ache of legs in so much pain.

                            Or did man-drugs send you off

                            in search of undomestic thrills?

                            I get those emails all the time

                            touting cheap Canadian pills.

                            Promise it's not true, Tiger.

                            Oh, swear it isn't so! And if

                            you get a chance, give our

                            regards to Lance and Joe.


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