Sister Frances 
Animal Communicator

                ♥	What Mimi is trying to tell you with those things she drags in?

                ♥	Why Polly doesn’t play well with the other parrots?  

                ♥	What makes your koalas and pandas such picky eaters?

Sister Frances can help.

Her extraordinary gift for communicating with the animal world first
manifested itself to Sister Frances when she was only seven years old.  
She graciously acknowledged her talent and has spent several decades 
expanding her expertise in the realm of Animal Communications. 

Sister Frances is especially adept at communicating with
	-Fish (osteichthyes, chondrichthyes, agnatha)

                                         ♥ ♥
Sister Frances has had many animal companions of her own, 
loved them all,  and legally married two. 

When it is time for your friend to cross over, 
companionate obsequies are provided in the beautiful 
Noah’s Haven Chapel. 

Resting places of all dimensions are available
in The Lion Lies Down With the Lamb Memorial Park.  

Our soon-to-be inaugurated Assisi Gardens permit a limited number 
of clients to be interred alongside their loved ones, united for eternity!


Regrettably, we can no longer offer obedience/submission 
classes, inter-species group therapy sessions, 
or sexuality services of any kind.  

Substance abuse counseling is now available to primates only. 
(Sorry, ONDCP regulations)

We have limited short-term boarding facilities 
for our toilet-trained friends.

                               Repeat clients:  Inquire about discounts

We do not accept Peticare.  
If your companion does not have non-public option medical insurance, 
a deposit will be required.  All deposits must be made in 
cash or by credit card.  ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

Bulls are not permitted in the China Shop without a leash.
Office hours:  Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 
Or by appointment

by Will de Kypia