Guglielmus Lunarius Caepe Bibaculus

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The Trolley

Our trolley doesn’t run no more,
it died outside my door.

“Completely kaputski”
the engineer said as he tenderly
shed one farewell tear.

No more clanging of bell
as it climbs up the hill
nor squealing of brakes
on its way back down.

Our trolley will now forever be still
so the engineer’s walking
all the way back to town.


J’en ai ras le bol!*

Talk like that is such a bore.
You count and count--one two three four.
I cannot take it any more.
If you don’t shut up now iamb out that door!

*I’ve had it up to here!

The Children’s Lament

Written for the Twinsters
upon the Ides of March MMXII
in Memory of C. Julius Caesar

To the West the sky glowers stormy and gray
so our riding lesson was cancelled today.

Horses refuse to go out when it’s rainy or cool
for that’s strictly against the Horse Union rule.

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