Title 2 600
Will de Kypia

The Pillar's Perspective

We set off across the plain
seeking the safety of the hills.

I took one last look at who we had been,
a farewell to our past, was that so wicked?

We continued on until there came from
behind us the rumble and crash of buildings
falling. Houses, the market, even the temple.

Then screams. We heard those people
dying in agony. They were neighbors,
friends, of course I turned around again.

Our trek continued until the smoke of God’s wrath
rose and the firmament itself darkened in terror.

The earth shook, we could barely stand.
I wondered if the cities survived
and gazed back upon emptiness.

Now this is what I am,
what the others abandoned.

Animals lick my body. Gazelle,
deer, wild boar, the unclean
scavenger dogs. Soon I will be
a place upon the rocks where
beasts used to congregate.

No one will remember the shape
of my face, although once men,
yes and women too, thought
me well worth looking at.

He is alone with our daughters.
I know his weakness for wine,
and remember how he offered
the girls to the townsmen the
night those messengers came.

It's not fair.

Philo-3 Lot & 250
Lot and His Daughters
Peter Paul Rubens

First Hymn

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