Will de Kypia

Untarnished Silver

Shane (1953)

A dying loner rides into a valley
where he finds a family, a fight,
and the woman who wants him,
wants him, wants him.

When he rides out of the valley
the loner knows he's dying.

Pinocchio: The Sequel (1971)
for Cliff Edwards

Geppetto’s puppet turned out just fine.
Kissed to life from knotty pine, morphed
from boyish into asinine, by the final reel
Pinocchio earned his right to be real.

His insect companion fared less swell.
Jiminy hailed from Hannibal, Mo., lived a life
tinsel, lotsa ladies and dough, till the booze
drugs and ex-wives consigned him to hell.

Jiminy ended up broken, ended up broke,
in his final reel these last words he spoke

___nThen I wished upon a star, now I’m gone
____with the wind. Rain still falls, no one sings.

Strum the uke lowly if you think of me—
____ablaze in that circle reserved for those
____who squandered their measure of days.

Flashdance (1983)

Once upon a time in a city made of steel,
made of stone, there were three dreamers—
the dancer, the jester, and the ice princess.

Only one of these had a true dream.
This is her story.

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