The Comfort of Cold Coffee
Will de Kypia

Each morning I leave my coffee cup

On the kitchen counter, still half full.

The coffee waits there all day and all night.

The next morning she greets me like a lover.

“Nice to see you again” I say, sipping her

as I fill the kettle, place it on a burner.

“Yeah, we definitely had a thing,”

Counting the beans to grind.

“Seems like it was only yesterday,”

Grinding the beans very fine.

“You still taste as good as you did then,”

Spooning the grounds into a filter.

“But you are a past that I've outgrown,”

Eagerly watching the kettle boil.

“So farewell, friend, time for you to go,”

Streaming hot water through the cone.

I dump the dregs of the old one into the sink,

Pour the fresh brew of the new one into my cup,

And tell her "Lover, I am going to drink you all up.”


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