William de Kypia

80 million quickened wombs
portend a coming baby boom.

News Report, 1946

We arrive right after the war,
children of the greatest generation
destined for sure to be even greater.

Some societies measure
wealth in cattle. Ours reckons
in progeny and prospects.

Like football, the Bomb, and DDT
we provide clear evidence that
God has a plan for this land.

In communal romper rooms
we teach them to consume.
Madison Avenue, 1957

Nannied by TVs that take five
minutes to warm up, we overflow
playgrounds, inundate the schools.

Institutions expand to accommodate
a generation ordained to wash away
age and aging forever.

Myriads of chosen few sit alphabetically
in rows. We pledge the flag, play duck
and cover, study hard, then test very well
in everything that matters and can be tested.

Our bodies grow strong so many ways. Strong
from the calcium, strong from fluoride, from
vaccines, antibiotics, vitamins. Strong because
we hold tomorrow in our hands.

Life runs straight before us like the path
of least resistance. We are off the curve
and on our way with perfect teeth.

Existence precedes essence.
Jean-Paul Sartre

Stretching the demographic snakeskin
that defines but cannot limit us we know
there is no nature of things, only the
infinite plasticity of possibility.

We were young with all of our might.
WLS, 1965

On campus we meet, organize, march, strike.
Tests are acid. We levitate the Pentagon
then it's on to Chicago.

At Woodstock we chant, at Kent State we die,
and everywhere we wear righteousness like
a wound from that war whose sole casualty
known to us personally is The Beaver.

If it ain’t true, it oughta be.
Ben Trovato,
Time Immemorial

Impatiently we await the inevitable
dismantling of a discredited old regime
soon to yield to a brave new order.

Like previous generations ours
must rediscover ancient truths.

Indeed, the gods play dice
with the universe and
their dice are loaded.
Antagoras of Aegyptus Minor,
c. 1972 CE

The world bends away from our will.
Though we lecture and we scold
the Revolution does not come.

Wars rage on,
the poor remain with us,
newborn is stillborn
in wreck of old.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Attributed to Charles Dederich, Synanon

Never acknowledging defeat we trek Nepal.
Finish that MA then move to DC or California.

We marry, get good jobs, buy big houses in
fine neighborhoods with excellent schools
for the kids who are all very bright.

The luster of a golden decade dims
as we live our lives large, or small.

But though some memories have faded
we still remember where we were
when what’s-his-name died.

I got to see all the great bands.
T-shirt, Venice Beach, yesterday

A final ding-dong knells class over,
time for grades to be awarded.
Neither the best of times nor the worst,
ours like all was blessedly cursed.

Olly olly oxen free
Playground chant

Now the Moon sleeps rough
and Jupiter aligns with none.
See you after.
Candle 4W 75